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About-this-earth-arts' based in the heart of the New Forest, Hampshire, is attuned with the relationship between the individual, the landscape, movement and spirituality offering empathetic healing, energy release, colour healing art and spiritual guidance and counselling with a wealth of experience.. About-this-earth healing arts' works with natural  elements within the diversity of nature unblocking negative energy for our customers and work with them to address their needs through healing the self and offering a way forward, to assist your journey towards new beginnings.

About-this-earth-arts, Artisan and holistic arts is interested in offering a diverse assortment of healing art works concerned with the relationship between the landscape, movement and spirituality. The art works are captured using the materials immediately to hand as well as the chance conditions of place time weather and season. These contributions are invited across the disciplines and transformed into many items where a primary principle is in addition organic and holistic. You will see many diverse cross overs.

Ecotherapy - alternative spiritual mentoring ....

About-this-earth-arts, Artisan and Holistic arts offers a diverse assortment of healing art works concerned with the relationship between the landscape, movement and spirituality. Eco-therapy - alternative spiritual mentoring - colour healing art - artisan arts - inspirational, organic earth crafts, including photography. Spiritual counselling and intuitive pathway readings. We capture the now. Visit our online shop to book a Pathway reading and browse a selection of art work and text. 

About-this-earth-arts is an e-commerce service including Artisan products. 

To find the answers and empower the way forward and what life holds for you..


Telephone - 07392 680254

Email - wildearth3homelands@gmail.com (or) use the contact page on this site..

 About-this-earth-arts is pleased to introduce an experienced Spiritual Counsellor & Reiki Master, from the Purbecks' - 25 years experience - telephone or use the BOOKING SERVICE where you see the Red Icon.


About-this-earth-arts, started  working out of a small room. In the unfolding of time About-this-earth Arts' is still providing healing and new innovative ideas where  passion and dedication remain strong. Working with About-this-earth-Arts', you will find the journey still stays true to earthly roots. The roots of the 'Wild Earth'. Natures way.

 About-this-earth-arts,future concepts are growing naturally to bring you many new and inspirational ways forward


"Thank you so much for your insight and guidance. I am so pleased I found you. I feel uplifted " -- Jay Hampshire "found it hard to believe again after my world fell apart. You gave me hope again . I will definitely call again." --

Courtney and Mike - Shetland Isles. ' Some wonderful colour energy art from Mich at About-this-earth-arts and her new ideas are always inspiring..we saw her submission at Southampton Art Gallery in July 2016, absolutely energising and the movement in her work is incredible - I believe she's currently working on photographic images of the connections to the Earth and producing new ideas to generate these as available items to purchase in the forthcoming online store.... it will be great to see more of her work for distribution...truly talented ... Gena - Lake District

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